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Interested in VOLUNTEERING on the
Character Town or Summer Day Camp Teams? 
Some people love what’s happening in Character Town and Summer Day Camp and want to get involved. Others want to give back because it has been a meaningful place that has served their kids and families well. Whatever your reason is, there are many opportunities to get involved and serve, if you are interested. You choose how often you would like to participate.
Volunteer opportunities
at this time for CHARACTER TOWN
Volunteer opportunities
at this time for SUMMER DAY CAMP
Character Town Clean up Team
Volunteers to restore Character Town back to it’s “Set Up & Ready” state for the upcoming week, after Children’s Theater has completely dismissed. Approximately around 12:00 noon. Tasks include: 
-Picking up any leftover items and returning them to their proper storage place.
-Cleaning up from any activities.
-Stacking Children’s Theater chairs into 3 stacks against specific wall.
-Neatly arranging all Discipleship Room chairs.
Decoration Team – Decorating Children’s Theater (as simply or extravagantly as you’d like) during the last week of the month (prior to the first Sunday of the upcoming month), according to the upcoming month’s curriculum decoration theme. Simple ideas offered for each month. Some materials may be available.
Main Street Attendant – Restoring Main Street back to its original state, once Children’s Theater has completely dismissed, approximately 12:00 noon. Tasks include:
– Turning off all street and theater lights. 
– Putting remote back to it’s proper storage place. – Picking up trash or left over items and returning them to their proper storage places. 
– Closing all classroom doors.
– Asking if the new Bottom Line for the upcoming week has been changed. Changing if necessary.
Prayer TeamPraying for the Character Town Ministry on a regular basis
Summer Day Camp Set Up Team
Volunteers to set up Summer Day Camp the day prior to it starting. Ministry Leader will give directions. Hands on help needed. 
Clean Up/Tear Down Team: 
Volunteers to help take down Day Camp sets and decorations, on Friday, following the closing of Day Camp. Ministry Leader will give directions. Hands on help needed.  
Decoration Team: 
Create decorations.  Volunteers to create decorations related to the Day Camp Theme, under the direction of the Decorations Leader.

Decorate: Volunteers to help set up decorations. Decorations Leader will give directions. Hands on help needed. 


Materials Assistant: Volunteer to help Materials Manager with any needed tasks related to collecting and organizing donated items.
Prayer Team:
Praying for the Day Camp Ministry on a regular basis, throughout the summer (especially August), and during the week when it is running. 
Contact Kim Smith if you are interested in joining a team.