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Check In Process 

Sign In Process

  1. Sign your child (children) in at Character Town’s Sign In Table
  2. Receive 2 Security Tags (both with matching security code in corner of tag). 
  3. Place Child’s Security tag on child.
  4. Keep Parent Security tag until time of pick up. 


Pick Up Process

  1. Parent presents their Security Tag to Character Town’s Staff.
  2. Staff member collects Parent Security Tag.
  3. Staff member collects Child’s Security Tag and compares to Parent Security Tag code.  
  4. If codes match, child released to parent.
  5. (Note: Any child with name tag on indicates child has not cleared through Security System pick up process.)


Notification Process: If the need arises, parent/responsible party will be contacted by Character Town’s Staff member either in person or by cell phone.