Prayer Resources and Guides


Scripture provides great models for how we can pray for our local church.  The following are some tools to help you as you pray.
This tool provides several suggestions of how to pray for the church as well as many scripture verses which can be used to know how or what to pray for the church.
The Apostle Paul often told churches which he wrote to about the prayers he prays for them.  This tool is simply these prayers listed in a form which you can pray them for our church.

Personal Guide to Fasting

Fasting is a powerful tool God can use in your personal growth. Its not intuitive so this guide can help you plan a fast.

Prayer Update

Loving God,
Two thousand years ago your people cried, they groaned, they awaited, the expected MESSIAH, a RESCUER, a FIXER, One to make the wrong things right.
We have tasted and seen; we have seen, heard and experienced your unstoppable light and love; your power over darkness and yet…
In the world of fear and hate, scarce with grace, filled with hopelessness, lostness, cancer, strokes, abusive relationships, violence and war, death in many forms
We still feel it, we still feel the darkness…. the longing… for the wrong things to be made right

This place makes us ripe for a baby Jesus born in a manger, to be born anew and afresh in our hearts, giving us sure and steadfast hope as we wait for Him to return.

Help us Oh God to recognize you in new ways, EVEN in the brokenness, when we are not healed, when we still lose loved ones, or are in the midst of broken relationships.  Open our eyes to see you as the God who is near and the God who weeps when we weep.  Help us see you as Emmanuel “God with us” even if we are not currently seeing you as Healer, or Rescuer.   Help us value your presence more than your works and deeds and power to change the messy situations in our lives   Help us learn to embrace the mystery of your work and see your light shining in the darkest corner of our heart…our city…our nation…our world.

Strengthen our hope, oh God of hope, as we wait.
Draw near and give back hope to those who are hopeless and hope weary.  Let hope dawn for those sitting in a deep darkness.  Let your light shine.  Let your kingdom come.  On earth as it is in heaven.


Praise God for the overflowing thankfulness of His people!

Praise God for His invitation to come as we are!

Praise God for his steadying work of hope in the midst of a hopeless and hope weary world. 

Praise God for Heba’s (Syrian refugee) whose mother and sister finally made it into Turkey and are no longer under death sentence in Syria!

Praise God for Ra’ad and Maryam (Syrian and Iraqi Refugees) for the jobs he has provided them!

Praise God with Muhammad for his unconditional and abounding love, and His amazing grace!

Praise God with Marlene Lewis for God’s steady grace that has marked her recovery!

Praise God for inviting us into and using us in His mission!

Praise God for the obedience of his people! Praise God with Jennifer Barnett for being used by him to bless a homeless person.

Pray with Julie Armstrong for her aunt Bev Blanchard who broke her pelvis and is losing her sight and hearing.  Pray that in the midst of so much loss that God would draw near and that His presence would fill every void place left by loss.

Pray with Jennifer Barnett and many of us to be sensitized to the promptings of the Holy Spirit when he wants to use us to love/bless those who are in need.  Pray that we would quickly obey and not miss any chances.  

Pray with Marie Jones for Bill who has been in the hospital with a serious infection.  Pray for Bill’s body to regain strength and for little healing each day to add up to a complete recovery.  Pray also for Marie as she tirelessly serves him.  Pray God would fill her from His never ending energy, love and support. 

Pray with Ed Kolle and Helen on the passing of Tonya.  Pray also for Jim, who is Tonya’s husband.  Pray for her entire family that they may be comforted.  May the comforter come in sure and tangible ways.  

Pray for Donna Bevier as she continue to recover from multiple falls.  Pray that she would be washed from head to toe in the peace of Christ that guards our hearts from worry and fear.

Pray with Dee Ducharme for her mom and and for Peggy who are in the hospital.  Pray that they would experience God’s presence despite the circumstances.

Pray for Paul Kwasniewski and his family as they continue to face each day and what it brings.  Pray for the God of hope to strengthen and restore hope to hope weary hearts.  Pray that the good days outnumber the bad.  Pray for supernatural energy.  Pray for supernatural peace.  Pray for supernatural rest.

Pray with Jennifer Jacobs for her dad Paul Schoolay who moves to his new apartment Saturday Dec 3rd.  Please pray that God would lead him in a grace filled transition marked God’s steady and unchanging love.  Pray for comfort as he faces the loss of what has been home for 48 years.  

Pray with Barb Johnson for her family and all of our families that we all would be released from any bonds of materialism and that our giving would outnumber our receiving. 

Pray with Eva Land and many of us for God to help us trust Him in ways we never have before.  Pray for God to heal mistrust toward God that is hidden deep in our hearts.

Pray with Carolyn McWilliams for her ex-husband, John, who is continuing to recover from surgery.  Pray that he can sense and receive the love and care that is surrounding him.

Pray for Debra Saleh for the issues of addiction that negatively effect everyone in a family network.  Pray for freedom from addiction.  Pray also for a coming surgery on her femur arteries that are blocked.  Pray for peace and continued healing in her life.

Pray with Vickie Simonds for her goddaughter, Brittney, who has a health scare that threatens to paralyze her.  Pray for peace and that she would sense God’s presence despite circumstances attempt to hide him.  Pray also for Mary who is recovering from quad bi-pass surgery.  Pray for grace for every step of the recovery.

Pray with Lucy that God would continue to be and become the center of her heart.  Pray this Christmas would be their most holy  Christmas, the most aware they have ever been of Jesus coming into the earth, taking on flesh, showing us how to love our neighbor and breaking the powers of sin enabling us to live the life we were created to live.  

Pray for Ken Stevens as he continues his stay in rehab.  Pray for strength to be able to do the excursuses he needs to do that will make him stronger.  Pray for his wife Flo, that God would give her the encouragement she needs.  

Pray for the Morley’s who have recently moved out to Brighton.  Pray for them as they tirelessly unpack their boxes and settle into a new normal.  Pray for continued energy and peace.  

Weekly Prayer update

Excerpt Taken  from  “Embrace All” page 9-10 by Joanna DeWolf.

Take 3 deep breaths.  Say a simple sentence prayer: “Jesus speak”.  Sit in silence for 1 minute before reading further.

Some folks are easy to hug- others, not so much.  The easiest ones to hug are those just like us; they talk like us, dress like us, spend like us and even hug like us.  Thats just human nature to accept those like ourselves; but shouldn’t Christians have a supra-human nature?

There’s that “image of God” thing that instills in us that “love of God” thing that drives us to that “mission of God” thing.  that’s why we embrace those who are different, and especially those who can’t reciprocate, who have nothing to offer us.  We love them and embrace them simply because they bear the image of our Creator and are included in the redemptive work of the Son.  If they were worth Jesus, they’re worth us.  If Jesus loved them, we’ll love them; if Jesus came to rescue them, we’ll at least sit next to them in church!

Let’s make this practical, on a personal and church level.  On a personal level, it’s unnatural”, but on a church level, its even harder txobreak the normal sociological barriers that keep us with those like ourselves.  The  walls of this sociological corral are normally constructed around matters like race, language, economic level/class, culture and even sports teams.  But we see past the dividing walls that separated us to the image of God and the work of Jesus that unite us.

Embracing those not like us means we intentionally begin conversations, join clubs, take snacks to, sit with and enjoy persons who support your teams arch-rival, persons with different skin and hair, persons who tap “funny”, persons who ride bicycles to work and persons who voted for the other guy (or lady) for president.  

And as a church, we’re veritable outlaws when it comes to the unwritten laws that separate us.  Churches break cultural rules if the rules don’t measure up to GOd’s cultural standards.  We do what “normal” groups don’t do.  We love those unlike ourselves.  We welcome those who can’t “contribute”.  And then we teach those newly embraced people that we don’t accept the rules of the dominant culture, and soon they too begin to see the beauty of living by God’s cultural rules.  

Prayerfully choose who you will “hug” today. 

Praise God for the celebration of three baptisms a couple weeks ago!

Praise God for the life transforming power of Jesus alive and at work in us and our community!

Praise God for that the resurrection story can be our story, that though we die and have loved ones die, through Jesus we may live.

Praise God that Cathy Angell’s Mom has been home for three weeks now!

Pray for Cindy Cassillas as she has lost her mom this past week after a long battle with MS.  Praise God with Cindy that her mom can walk again. 

Pray for Tonya Montroy who is suffering and is on a ventilator.  She has battled health issues for so long and has significant brain damage.  Pray for freedom from suffering and that Jesus would meet her in a way that only He can do and comfort her.  Pray for her family who are grieving and have very hard decisions to make.  Pray for peace and for comfort which are promised by Jesus to those who mourn.

Pray for Donna Bevier who fell last Sunday at church and broke her hip.  Pray for continual improvement and relief from pain.  Pray for encouragement for her heart.  Pray also for Debbie that God would give her strength, energy, and encouragement.

Pray for Cathy Angel who has been trying to pray on her own to quit smoking.  She is asking for the prayer and support of community.  Pray that God would break this addiction and reveal any pain that she needs to work through in order to give it up.
Pray against any condemnation (self or otherwise) in the process of trying to let it go.

Pray for Nicole Angell, that she would be given wisdom, direction, and guidance that her heart is desiring and seeking from Jesus.  

Pray for the Bauer family that God would be at work individually and as a family.  Pray for energy to do all that God is calling them to do.  Pray also with Gordon for our country and for continued freedom that we so often take for granted.

Pray for Paul Kwasneiwski that God would multiply his good days.  Pray that he has more good days than bad days.  Pray for multiplied time with family that is qualitative and not diminished by fatigue.

Pray for many families struggling with activity overload to discern what God is calling them to do.  Pray for God to place a value in families to let Him be the center and priority.  

Pray for Dee Ducharme’s mom Emily and other family members that are on her heart.  Pray that God would continue his life transforming in her and through her that others may see and know that God is good. 

Pray with Phyllis Hull for the many that are on her heart that are in need of hope.  Pray that God would transform hopelessness and despondency to a confident knowledge of God’s love and power.

Pray with Jennifer Jacobs for her college friend Marcia and her to kids Kyle (12) and Neil (5).  Marcia’s husband Chris, passed away recently and is now whole and with Jesus.  However he leaves behind a grieving family.  Pray for God’s comfort to be very real to them.  

Pray for Barb Johnson who is in Savannah GA for much needed R and R.  Pray that Jesus meets her in her weariness and restores her soul.  Pray for her son Patrick to experience God’s love as well as for her employer to find a much needed employee to fill a vacant position.

Pray with Deborah Kenworthy and many others who are asking Jesus to strengthen and sustain trusting relationships with Him.

Pray with Sharon Kostaroff for Bible club workers for Tuesdays at Nowlin.  Also pray that children will make Jesus Lord of their life.  Pray that they would come to know the Truth teller that will protect them from the many lies that will come from the world.

Pray with Carolyn McWilliams and all of us as we learn to engage a world who may think, act, look, believe, differently than us.  Pray that we see them as Christ sees them and love them as He loves them.  Pray that we would be a non judgmental authentic community on mission for Jesus. 

Pray for Miranda Thornes mom who is struggling with coping from the loss of her mom.  Pray that God would surround her with support and authentic community.

Pray with Mary Warsop for many who are battling cancer or mourning due to cancer taking loved ones.  Pray for continued research, treatment, and ultimately a cure for cancer.

Pray with Carolyn Watson and many others who are seeking the life giving transformative power of Jesus at work in our lives.  Pray that we would surrender to this work and receive it in full.  
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