What should I expect when I visit Dearborn Free Methodist?

Expect a welcoming, inter-generational, and supportive community. We are a growing community of believers who have experienced the power of Christ in our lives and strive towards wholeness and holiness. Character Town is our Sunday morning children’s program which 
offer engaging environments for children to learn about Jesus and how Jesus can help them develop character.  

DFMC photo

What will my first visit be like?
Our community believes that Christ’s teachings should impact and bring wholeness to our lives. We seek to dive deep into Scripture and live out transformed lives. During your first visit, we seek to welcome you into a genuine, diverse community of believers.

We’re located on Telegraph Rd between Princeton St and Oxford Street. Our parking is behind our building on Westpoint St. Plan to arrive a little before our 10:30 am service begins and feel free to ask questions to any of the greeters at the entrance who will welcome you.  Children’s programming is available in our Character Town area however children are always welcomed in our services.  A member of our greeting team can help find the right place for your kids if they’d like to join Character town for the morning.



What Should I Wear?

Always feel free to come as you are.  Some people like to dress up for church. Many like to wear blue jeans. Come as you are and you’ll be welcomed.


We’re an Authentic Community  

Perhaps churches you have visited in the past have seemed like a “clique” or members seemed hypocritical, perhaps you have been hurt by the church, or maybe your new the the entire faith scene — whatever your background, we hope you will visit Dearborn Free Methodist.  We are not perfect people, but we have experienced God’s power and transformation in our lives. Join us as we seek to mature in our relationships with Christ while we navigate life’s daily challenges and celebrations.